Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the dates for the 9th NTSC? Where will it be held?
A: The 9th NTSC will be held during 14-16 December 2018 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Q: Is there any registration fee for 9th NTSC?
A: No, there is no registration fee. However, the Registration Form has to be duly filled up and submitted along with the paper. Papers without the Registration Form or incomplete form will not be accepted.

Q: If my paper gets selected for the 9th NTSC, can any of co-authors present the paper on my behalf?
A: No. The paper has to be presented by the author only.

Q: I am a foreign national and I teach in an NGO in India. Am I eligible to participate?
A: Only Indian citizens are eligible to participate in the 9th NTSC.

Q: Can I submit my paper in my regional language?
A: No, the paper has to be in either English or Hindi only.

Q: Which language is to be used for presenting my paper at 9th NTSC?
A: Language of paper presentation should be either English or Hindi.

Q: I am not proficient in English and Hindi language and yet I am interested in submitting my idea for the NTSC. So, can I do that?
A: As per the 9thNTSC guidelines, only papers prepared in English or Hindi will be accepted.

Q: Is it necessary to include all the components in my paper, as mentioned in the brochure?
A: Yes, all components as mentioned in the brochure have to be included in the paper.

Q: What is the purpose of regional workshops?
A: The purpose of regional workshops is to orient the teachers about the theme, sub-themes and research methodology. Participants may present their ideas and be able to fine tune their paper for submission, with guidance of experts at the regional workshops.

Q: Can I submit my paper without participating in the regional workshop?
A: Yes. Participation in regional workshop is not mandatory. Authors just need to take care to submit their paper in the given format (as provided in the Brochure) so as to reach us latest by the submission deadline (6 Oct 2018).

Q: What is the deadline for submitting the papers?
A: The deadline for paper submission is 6 Oct 2018. The paper should be sent so as to reach us latest by the last date on the given address or email ID.

Q: If my paper is selected, in which form (poster or oral) should I present my paper?
A: Guidelines for poster and oral presentation will be put up on the website at a later date. Please check this website for regular updates.

Q: If I am selected for presenting my paper in the 9th NTSC, who will take care of my boarding and lodging at Ahmedabad?
A: The selected participants' basic boarding and lodging at Ahmedabad during 9th NTSC will be taken care of by the hosts.

Q: During which dates will the local hospitality be provided?
A: The lodging and boarding will be provided only to the selected participants of the 9th NTSC from evening of 13 Dec 2018 to morning of 17 Dec 2018. The participants who plan to stay before or after these dates will be required to make their own arrangements.

Q: If I am accompanied by colleagues/family/friends/co-author, will boarding and lodging facility be provided for them?
A: No. Local hospitality (boarding and lodging) will be extended only to the invited (selected) participants.

Q: Will my travel expenses to participate in the 9th NTSC event be reimbursed?
A: Yes, your travel expenses to and from Ahmedabad to your location, restricted to the maximum up to normal III AC (3 tier AC) by the shortest route, would be reimbursed. Tatkal booking charges will not qualify for reimbursement. Please preserve your original travel tickets for the same. Local conveyance will not be provided or reimbursed.


Q. Where and when will the regional workshops be held?
A: The regional workshops are being conducted at the following locations: Mumbai (27 Aug 2018), Bangalore (1 Sept 2018), New Delhi (4 Sept 2018) and Guwahati (6 Sept 2018). To participate, fill up the Regional Workshop Registration Form and send it to NTSC secretariat by email or post. The participation is subject to written confirmation from NTSC secretariat.

Q. Will my travel expenses to participate in the regional workshop be reimbursed?
A: No, there is no provision for reimbursement of travel expenses for participation in the regional workshop. However, basic boarding and lodging for maximum of one day will be provided. Hence, participants who are invited for the regional workshops may plan their travel accordingly and share the details with the NTSC secretariat well in advance.

Q. Can I bring along any colleagues/family/friends/co-author for the regional workshop?
A: No. There is no provision for anyone other than the author for boarding, lodging or participation in the workshop.

Q. How can I participate in the regional workshop?
A: Those interested in participating in the regional workshop, will be required to fill up a separate Registration Form and send it to the NTSC Secretariat by post or email. The participation will be subject to written confirmation from the NTSC secretariat.

Q. I am not sure if I can participate in the regional workshop; hence I am not submitting the Registration Form for the regional orientation workshop. Can I reach directly to the venue of the regional workshop, if I decide at the last moment?
A: It is required to submit the Registration Form and receive confirmation from the NTSC secretariat to be able to participate in the workshop. This is to help us plan for the workshop logistics and other aspects. There is provision for accepting a limited number of participants for the workshop. Hence, it will not be possible to accommodate participants at the last moment. Hence, it is suggested to fill up the Registration Form and send it over to be able to participate in the regional workshop.

The NTSC secretariat will send a confirmation along with the venue details and the schedule of the workshop. Those who receive the confirmation will be requested to submit their travel plan in advance. In case the participant is somehow not able to attend even after sending their travel plan, they are requested to please inform the NTSC secretariat immediately so that other interested teachers can get a chance to participate.

Q. Can I participate in more than one regional workshop for better understanding?
A: No, participation will be allowed for one workshop only as the regional workshops are intended for orientation only.

Q. What do I need to bring to the regional orientation workshop?
A: Although the regional workshops are meant for orientation on theme, subtheme, research methodology, paper writing, etc.; it is expected of the participants to shortlist a subtheme and bring along a short write up of the topic they wish to work on.

Q. Can I send my Registration Form of regional workshop through email?
A: Yes, the Registration can be sent through email on

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